DuraCeramic Sheet Vinyl

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Color Line

DS-14 Dreamscape Bleached Almond
DS-23 Dreamscape Midnight Gray
DS-34 Dreamscape Slate Greige
EP-14 Earthpath Sunny Clay
EP-41 Earthpath Sandy Clay
ME-13 Mercer Tile Fired White
ME-34 Mercer Tile Fired Greige
ME-41 Mercer Tile Fired Bisque
ME-47 Mercer Tile Fired Taupe
ME-48 Mercer Tile Fired Sage
PC-11 Pacific Marble Pure White
PC-14 Pacific Marble Light Greige
PC-41 Pacific Marble Classic Bisque
RA-11 Rapolano Taffeta White
RA-41 Rapolano Shoreline Mist
RA-64 Rapolano LeMans Sunset
RA-74 Rapolano Desert Chimney
RE-31 Roman Elegance Warm Clay
RE-43 Roman Elegance Light Greige
SA-11 Sandalstone White Stone
SA-41 Sandalstone Bisque Stone
SA-47 Sandalstone Golden Stone
SI-14 Sierra Slate Warm Pewter
SI-39 Sierra Slate Blue Slate
SI-54 Sierra Slate Terra Slate
SI-64 Sierra Slate Bleached Clay
SI-74 Sierra Slate Golden Greige
SI-84 Sierra Slate Mossy Slate
Color Group Blue, Green, Purple
Color Group Dark Neutral
Color Group Light Neutral
Color Group Red, Yellow, Orange
Color Group White, Off White
Design Style Contemporary
Design Style Country
Design Style Eclectic
Features Extremely Durable and Easy to Maintain
Features Install Full Tiles With or Without DuraCeramic Premixed Grout
Features Limestone Composite Construction Resists Cracking
Features Warmer and More Comfortable Underfoot than Ordinary Ceramic
Installation Method Install Full Tiles With or Without DuraCeramic Premixed Grout
Rooms Bathrooms
Rooms Entry Ways
Rooms Kitchens
Rooms Living Areas
Rooms Other
Size 16" x 16"
Type Tile
Vinyl Category High Performance Vinyl
Warranties Lifelong Limited Warranty against fade, stain and wear out /Five-Year Commercial Limited Warranty